Do you have a product that you're thinking about building into a business?
Do you provide a novel service to the community that you think you could grow?
Do you have a small business that you recently started that is innovative and meets a  real community need?

If so, we want to know about it!


The McKinney Chamber of Commerce and The WERX Foundation, Inc. are hosting this 2016 competition to inspire local innovation and entrepreneurship.   We're looking for the new product and service ideas that will become the businesses of the future.  We're looking for the future of our community!


Enter the 2016 Innovate McKinney!  Local Startup Competition for FREE!

There's no charge to fill out an application.  It just takes your time...and we're hoping that the time you invest will be an investment in your future.  This website is filled with helpful resources that you can use as you make your way through the startup process. 

Attend FREE Events During the Innovate McKinney!  Local Startup Competition


We'll have several events at The WERX and The McKinney Chamber of Commerce and all of them are FREE for applicants.  Some are networking events, some are learning events and some are just plain fun!  Check our calendar for events on a regular basis because we'll be updating it as more event options come online.

Connect to Resources....FREE!

In addition to free resources on this website and at The WERX, we will connect you to links for Startup Dallas Week starting April 12 and Small Business Week starting May 1.

Your Product, Service or Business Might Just Win a Prize!

With the help of our generous sponsors we're able to provide prizes to the top three winners of this year's competition.  The 2016 prizes are:

Grand Prize:  $3,500 Cash 

Sponsored by:

Innovation Prize:  $1,500 Cash and In-Kind Products and Services

Startup Prize:  $1,000 In-Kind Products and Services

Sponsored by: 

Enter Today!

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!"

Wayne Gretzky